Got glue?

Got glue?


Hello Friends!

I can truly say, that I've been around the block a few times when it concerns plastic modeling. I've experienced the evolution of model kits and accessories over several decades and witnessed the good and the "bad" take place when a patience oriented hobby had to sidestep for a generation that isn't so interested in creating something that commands placidity. 

But in this day and age of technology, where everything pivots around social media and the compulsion to publicly tweet when your next bowel movement is going to take place, even I have to accept that progress and expansion in communication is not necessarily a negative thing.

I'm for one, not a person who likes to call himself an artist, has a talent or "knows-it-all" but what I do know is the fact that I learned a lot over time and that I was fortunate enough to meet several great craftsmen in my career who granted me the opportunity to absorb several of their techniques and methods, helping me, upgrade my own.

Creating and maintaining this website allows me to share these practices with whomever wants to learn of "how it's done" or at least can extract some guidance from it, while developing their own skills. I would like to show, that with some simple procedures, a few essential tools and paints, anyone is capable of creating a masterpiece!

I also would like to reconnect the past with the present of the model hobby and hopefully be able to radiate some of that sentiment to a more modern community of how it felt back then, having the satisfaction of building a kit straight out of the box and the joy it furnished. 


Then, there are the kit builds, "how-to videos", product reviews, blogs and vlogs, but most important, an open window to anyone who has model-related questions, which I will gladly answer, if I'm able that is! 

So join me in my quest to make this hobby even more engaging by subscribing to my website for updates and articles.

Let's have some real fun!


Jef V.






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