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Updated: Oct 1, 2018

I've been asked so many times, "Jef, what tools do you use?" Well, although the answer should be simple, it is not. It all depends what you're looking for. Do you just want to build a kit straight out of the box or are you looking into a more elaborate side of the hobby, like scratch building?

The short answer is that you can do a whole lot with a hobby knife, 2 sanding sticks and a pair of tweezers! Throw in a sprue nipper and shot-glass size bottle of plastic cement and you're in business!

Seriously, this is all you need to build that $5 Revell kit you "snatched" at a local show from a guy that needed a shave and had a large speck of Humbrol olive drab above the small pocket of his t-shirt. Not to mention the even larger outline next to it, of last week's spilled beer!

Same tools apply, to successfully assemble a $125 Tamiya P-51. You might require a little putty here and there but that's it! There is honestly no need to tap into your life savings to build a model. Keep it simple. Over the years you'll end up anyway with 20 tweezers and God only knows how many sanding sticks and knives!

Now if you're thinking more serious about the job, than by all means, go ahead! Although you really don't need all the stuff, somehow for reasons unknown, you'll talk yourself into the acquisition of 17 mini files, 2 scrapers, 8 different pliers, punch and die sets, clamps, razor saws, reamers, glue applicators, a mini hammer and yes, one rubber block!

The list of tools is long and continues to grow. But so does your confidence, realizing that you have the weapons for war!

But to be fair and especially to the novices in the hobby, don't be intimidated by all the "heavy equipment". It's not the tools that build your model. It's the way you use them!



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